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W500 thermal sensors and fan speed control

W500/510/520 and W700/710 series specific matters only
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W500 thermal sensors and fan speed control

#1 Post by mako777 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:00 pm

Hello everyone
As i was repasting and upgrading ram in my W500 I thougt I will check where those temperature sensors really are and I'd like to share my findings.
My search was based on ThinkWiki T500 entry as it's almost the same laptop (http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Thermal_S ... nkPad_T500).
I (User:jal2) had a look into the schematics of the T500/W500 mainboard. There are thermal sensors at the CPU (internal diode), GbE (Q21), under dem SO-DIMM slots (Q31), graphics chip (discrete only, internal diode), at the WLAN slot (Q104) and at the bottom side below the ICH (Q93). All Qxx are small, three pin transistors marked in the silk screen. These sensors are connected to a MAX6693 (U4), which also measures its own temperature.
I looked at the motherboard, found all of these sensors and marked them on this picture.
Also mappings of these sensors are as follows:

Code: Select all

Index in "thermal"	Part on MB	Location
01							CPU (internal diode)
02				Q104			WLAN (mini PCIe near GPU)
03				U4			Cardbus/ExpressCard Bay (in the center, about 10mm from board edge)
04							Radeon GPU (internal diode)
09				Q31			RAM (in the center, on board edge, under the black tape)
10				Q93			ICH9/Southbridge (on the bottom side of PCB, in top right corner, about 5mm from ICH9
11				Q21			WWAN/GbE (mini PCIe near CPU, about 10mm from CPU socket and 5mm from GbE corner
And complete snipplet for sensors.conf:

Code: Select all

chip "coretemp-isa-0000"
	label temp2 "Intel: Core 0"
	label temp3 "Intel: Core 1"
chip "thinkpad-isa-0000"
	label fan1   "00 Fan"
	label temp1  "01 CPU (ACPI)"
	label temp2  "02 WLAN (PCIe near GPU)"
	label temp3  "03 Cardbus/ExpressCard Bay"
	label temp4  "04 Radeon GPU"
	label temp5  "05 Main battery A"
	label temp6  "06 Ultrabay battery A"
	label temp7  "07 Main Battery B"
	label temp8  "08 Ultrabay battery B"
	label temp9  "09 RAM (slightly below)"
	label temp10 "10 ICH9 (on the other side of PCB)"
	label temp11 "11 WWAN, GbE (PCIe near CPU)"
	label temp12 "12 not used"
	label temp13 "13 not used"
	label temp14 "14 not used"
	label temp15 "15 not used"
	label temp16 "16 not used"

chip "acpitz-virtual-0"
	label temp1  "ACPI: CPU"
	label temp2  "ACPI: Intel Core 1"
And regarding fan speed, it's as follows:

Code: Select all

Level		RPM
0			stopped
1			~1700-1900
2			~2600-2800
3,4,5		~2900-3100
6,7			~3400-3700
			from 8 to 63 there is nothing (it sets itself back to 7)
64-127		~4200-4400 (full speed; disengaged)
128 and up	auto
I think this explains everything regarding those sensors in W500 :)

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Re: W500 thermal sensors and fan speed control

#2 Post by AdaSch » Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:42 am


How about PWR sensor?

it's can be RT14 and RT15 on DC/DC VCCCPUCORE mdule?

I have T9900. Under 100% load temp PWR grow up to 65degC and CPU slow down to 2,12GHZ until next stage next 1,5GHz. When PWR cool down below 60degC speed 3,06GHz back until 65deg in PWR and again, again....
With T9600 PWR newer come to high temperatures.

Backing to T9900: after install Lenovo power driver 1.60 some like turboboost is enabled and under stress speed of CPU goes to 3,2GHz, After this, temperatur PWR rise very fast and mobo slown down CPU to 1,5GHZ

Some time ago I planed to place small cooper plates and probably that can help

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Re: W500 thermal sensors and fan speed control

#3 Post by RealBlackStuff » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:56 am

please look at the date of a post, before you reply!
That post is from February 2014, OP has made only 1 post, and has not been on the forum since July 2014.
You can find out a user's "last active" visit by clicking on the username.
Don't expect a reply from him.

Click on mako777 and see these:
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