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BIOS whitelist mod for version 1.46 W520 ThinkPad?

W500/W510/W520 and W700/W701 Series
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BIOS whitelist mod for version 1.46 W520 ThinkPad?

#1 Post by webangel » Sun Sep 25, 2022 9:51 pm

Hey gang, I'm really new to some of this more complicated stuff but I ended up getting my hands on a W520 ThinkPad the other day. After trying to improve the bluetooth funcitonality by upgrading my BIOS, I decided I would just buy a new wifi chip altogether. Now I regret upgrading the BIOS previously because I can't find any download links anywhere for the whitelist mod. Again, I'm on version 1.46 of the BIOS.

Does anyone know where I could track this down or have it sent to me? I would really greatly appreciate any help.

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Re: BIOS whitelist mod for version 1.46 W520 ThinkPad?

#2 Post by kishy » Mon Oct 24, 2022 10:38 pm

For whatever reason (SEO/indexing I guess), this is very hard to find. Seemingly the only valid link anywhere on an English-language website that is indexed is right here on this very same site.

Refer to this thread/reply: https://www.thinkpads.com/forum/viewtop ... 38#p840338
Since it has been edited literally years after it was first posted, it looks like Shredder11 is conscientious about how hard these files are to find.

The 1.46, no whitelist, RAM speed unlocked BIOS is what has been on my W520 for about the past year, running a 7260-AC and 1600MHz RAM successfully.

Note this is not the version that unlocks the advanced settings menu, which I've only heard of and never seen. That version seems to be completely lost to time until someone else figures out how to re-mod it again.
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