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Site status 12/16/13: Still some connection errors

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*Senior* Admin
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Re: Site status 12/16/13: Still some connection errors

#151 Post by BillMorrow » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:05 pm

as all can now readily see the dedicated server at/and intermountain web design and hosting (imwebd.com) has been fired for, among other no no's, to wit:
1. failure or refusal to answer the telephone for well over a week..
2. failure or refusal to respond to email requests and thereafter demands that the dedicated server be made to work and work reliably..
3. in the first 2 weeks of january 2014 getting about 40% uptime..
4. a major server crash in dec. 2012 and jan 2013..
5. ongoing and continued unexplained slowdowns of the website/forum..

loyalty to a supplier of services is one thing but enduring this crap for well over a year is unacceptable..

i hope the new dedicated server at hostmonster performs better.. but at least they have a real support telephone line and they answer their telephone..
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