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**SITE DOWN FOR 15+ HOURS, Thanks to www.hostmonster.com**

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*Senior* Admin
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**SITE DOWN FOR 15+ HOURS, Thanks to www.hostmonster.com**

#1 Post by BillMorrow » Thu Apr 17, 2014 4:18 am

well, wednesday afternoon at 13:30 EDT thinkpads.com went down along with most every www.hostmonster.com hosted website ESPECIALLY the important dedicated server customers..
SO, the rule seems to be the more you pay to hostmonster and their related companies the worse service and uptime you get..

just to let everyone know what happened on wednesday april 16, 2014..

thank you HOSTMONSTER, et al and many thanks for the bland non-imformation when i was finally able to get through to your sales/tech/support lines..

i know, i know, you use VOIP phones so THEY went [censored]-up at the same time..

good going, everything relies on the internet working and the internet was NOT.. working that is..
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