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an ANNOUNCEMENT & Forum was down monday, sept 19, 2016 for hours

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:03 am
by BillMorrow
the DB locked up or something..
too many connections for MySQL and i did not have the expertise to do anything about it..

now, on the recommendation of joe hayes. i have changed to a more robust dedicated server with more memory and so forth..
the forum will be moving from the old dedicated server to the new one, maybe this weekend..
if so, expect some "disturbance in the force" so clearing of cache's and so forth might be in order if members can't find the new server..
more on this as i learn more..

meanwhile, i have seen many old mods and admins disappear for weeks, months and some for over a year.. AND THEY ARE MISSED.. :??: :cry:

so, some changes will be coming there, too..

further, i want to enhance the forum with a blog of some sort and maybe a video blog if possible and i am willing to pay some small amount for participation therein..

i have some recommendations of forum members i'll be contacting soon, via PM i suppose, to ask them directly if they wish to participate..

this forum has been ongoing, in one form or another (remember webboard 4, compuserve, etc.?) for years, since the 1990's..
we/I survived and if this forum is to continue, it must grow.. grow or die, your choice.. :)

i did not intend to make this announcement quite like this, but its late, i'm tired and the fingers are running amok..