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**FORUM OUTAGE** Dec. 9 thru dec 10 forum outage, cause was......

Posted: Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:00 pm
by BillMorrow
sometime in the evening hours, eastern US time, the dedicated server hosting company, HOSTMONStER, to whom i pay over $200 monthly, failed, for the second time, to keep their server farm operational..

i telephoned them since their own web site,, was also down..

their excuse, obviously for public consumption, was "there is a problem with the routers"..
and "the engineers are working on it" and "the problem should be taken care of by tomorrow"..

SO, this forum was still down at about 03:00 Dec 10 but was back by 11:30 hours Dec. 10, 2016..

My considered advice to you readers is NOT to trust HOSTMONSTER for reliable service..
this is the second time this has occurred within the last year..

"Why don't you move your server to another web hosting company?" you might ask..

the answer is moving to a new hosting company (godaddy comes to mind) would be disruptive and time and money consuming..

SO, for now, we stay here..

monday i will have a chat with HOSTMONSTER about their failure to provide reliable hosting service..