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R50 CPU/GFX heatsink?

R30/R40, A30/A31, G40/G50 and Z60/Z61 Series. NOT for AMD-Ryzen.
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R50 CPU/GFX heatsink?

#1 Post by solidpro » Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:11 am

Hi All

I'm at my wits end. I Had an R50e which I thought was just a smashed screen - so I replaced the screen only to find out the motherboard is a goner. So I spent £30 on an R50 motherboard and then discovered the R50 has a much larger heatsink covering what I think is the northbridge and the ATI chip below it has a silver coloured metal heatsink on it (not powered). So I thought I had all the bits but it powers down after a few seconds, and realised the northbridge gets super hot and is probably shutting down for protection.

Now I find the Heatsink for the R50 is on ebay but only in Germany and USA and the combined cost of getting it is about £60 which is waaaaay more than this machine is worth and now I'm worried even if I get it, there will be another problem and the R series machines are ones I really don't care about much anyway, so i'm now chasing a sunk cost fallacy. A frustrating dilemma. Anyone got any ideas on what I should do? I think finding a cheaper heatsink on ebay will take forever and in the meantime this thing has to sit around in pieces for months....

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