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64bit OS & 4gb RAM ~ worth the effort/upgrade ???

Windows 7 on ThinkPads
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64bit OS & 4gb RAM ~ worth the effort/upgrade ???

#1 Post by Annecy » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:08 pm

So ...
I'm (for various reasons) currently "putting together" ...
running ... some (SafeDated/nVidia) T61 "machines" ...

Unlike the (cute Image) T60 machines ...
the T61 machines can access more than 3gb RAM ...

(Apparently / Some)
32-bit Linux "distros"
can recognize/use four (4) ... or more gig of RAM ~
unlike (official :!:) 32-bit MS-O/Ss ...

Supposedly there is a Kernel/PAE Patch for 32-bit Win (Vista/7/8)
that would enable those 32-bit MS-O/Ss to "recognize"/utilize
Also/Supposedly the patch will/does NOT (any longer) work on "Intel©"/integrated MoBos :roll:

So/Anyway ...
Would running a 64-bit MS-WindozeOS on a 4gb RAM system
be materially/noticeable "better" ...
than running a 32-bit MS-WindozeOS ~ that can only use 3gb RAM :?: :??: :bow:

i.e., is that EXTRA 1gb of RAM ... "worth it" :?:
I know going from 512mb to 1gb RAM ... back in the/my XP-daze ...
and going from 2gb to 3gb RAM under MS-W7x86 on a T61
was/is certainly noticeably/materially BETTER :thumbs-UP:

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Senior Member
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Re: 64bit OS & 4gb RAM ~ worth the effort/upgrade ???

#2 Post by TonyJZX » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:25 am

As far as I'm concerned its always been worth it. I havent ever used a 32 bit o/s since XP.

I personally moved to XP 64 bit back in the day and then straight to WIn7 64 after a small dalliance with Vista 64.

Its not about the loss of 1gb on a 4gb system but its to provide compatibility with 64 bit s/w and further I feel like Win7 32bit drivers isnt quite there?

Also I dont feel like supporting Win7 32bit as an o/s.

I mean it died out with the 'netbook' and WIn7 Starter and all that.

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Re: 64bit OS & 4gb RAM ~ worth the effort/upgrade ???

#3 Post by apojoga » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:31 am

If you had said 3.5 GB, I would have my doubts, but 3 GB to 4 GB is a sensible jump that should more than make up for the slightly less compact x64 code and data structures it creates. x64 also has more registers, which I suppose should make it faster? Complete speculation, of course. Realistically, I don't expect to see any difference; it's just not "right" to let 1 GB sit unused, and deny yourself the ability to run 64-bit software (which then again, is not a significant concern as most common software still comes in 32-bit flavors).
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