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Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

Windows 7 on ThinkPads
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Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

#1 Post by jidx » Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:12 pm

I basically just want to know if I will gain anything by upgrading to 7 from XP on my T400. I am happy running XP, but curious about Windows 7, I know I would need to do a clean install, but will I loose any functions or have issues with certain drivers? Besides iTunes, there are no other programs that I would next to keep if I upgrade. Thank you to everyone who can help me with this decision.

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Re: Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

#2 Post by hunterman223 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:05 pm

That should be great. Lenovo provides all the Windows 7 drivers and software for the T400 here. Windows 7 is awesome. It is basically an improved, stable version of Vista with the performance of XP! :D Good Luck!
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Re: Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

#3 Post by richk » Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:22 am

I just moved from Vista on my laptop (W500) and I am trying to decide whether to keep it. (I kept the old HDD). I like the look and feel, but it still has things that don't quite work. I am typing on it now, so it isn't terrible, but the switchable graphics don't work right. (don't work at all for me) My machine hung at startup this morning. I had to hold the power button to kill it. I started again and it is "all fixed".

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Re: Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

#4 Post by topmahof » Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:35 am

i just put windows 7 pro upgrade from xp on 2 x32's. i had some problems with the ati driver and the monitor driver. resolved that through this forum. benchmarks on the graphics are poorer than xp but i haven't had any blue screens at all running movies full screen with 7. had a few with xp. aero doesn't work, but that's alright. the wireless for me is a little buggy. i have to click on a link at least twice usually to get it to load. i missed a bid on ebay because of that. it's not the driver coz i used different wireless usb adapters and it does it with them as well. i'm trying out different browsers now to try to make it better.

those are the only downsides. the upsides are it boots faster and shuts down faster. easier to navigate and find applications and programs. very adjustable os. it is a lot smoother than xp, i think. i like the look and feel of it. obviously my x32's are kinda borderline on running the os but it seems to run great. i used to have a gateway with vista on it and my impression was that it was a bloated pig. very slow, used up lots of resources, lots of hang time. just slow. i was a little hesitant to put 7 on anything but now i'm glad it did. overall, i'm happy with it.
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Re: Should I upgrade my T400 to Windows 7 from XP?

#5 Post by ashleys » Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:26 am

Another vote for Windows 7 here.
I put it on my old T30 and even though I had to use the XP graphics driver (ATI Radeon 7500) everything works fine. I have no need for aero (even on my desktop). Startup and shutdown is much quicker than XP and for me Jump Lists are a huge boon.

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