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A graph on the history of Thinkpads.

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Re: A graph on the history of Thinkpads.

#31 Post by Saucey » Thu Sep 29, 2022 3:50 am

Time to resurrect this from the dead, 7 years....
I gave up on inkscape and went with via google sheets. Turns out it's easier to use blocks than a grid on a canvas.

I got into the rabbit hole about it, and really couldn't only just do ThinkPads. There's quite a bit of models sharing the same MTM with ThinkPads and they were PS/2 or PS/55 variants. Then I got into a cesspool about the PS/55 machines, a few POS touch terminals IBM made and then the PowerPC gaming consoles, had to put those in as well.
I got the bright idea of matching the model w/ links to the PSREF, and on some machines, I couldn't really find out when they were actually removed from the market, as they'll come back for sale again months later.

Unfortunately, I didn't think of writing down on a separate page the start and end dates... so I have to look at the timeline and write each one on the machines I missed. I'm not sure how many ThinkPad models are on here, I am thinking maybe 500? I may have goofed up on the early R series machines, and I didn't really make separate lines for each MTM or screen body type, though I did on some P variants on the T Series.

I think I started this in 2019, for now it is "complete" as of July 2022, I think I have most of the US and EMEA models on here, whatever was on the PSREFs are here, and a few Think Tablets. Doubtful if I'll do one for ThinkBooks, or other machines. Feel free making your own,

Google sheets link

Shameless website plug.
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Re: A graph on the history of Thinkpads.

#32 Post by MikalE » Thu Sep 29, 2022 5:43 am

IIRC, the T16 with Intel was released APR22, and the AMD version JUN22. You have them listed about a year earlier than they were actually released.
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