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Why does FedEx needs 168.00 CDN to ship a 0.3Kg 2" thick and 16" long?

Talk about "WhatEVER !"..
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Why does FedEx needs 168.00 CDN to ship a 0.3Kg 2" thick and 16" long?

#1 Post by thinkpadcollection » Tue May 01, 2018 12:45 pm

This goes to China. Postal was able to ship this for $14 CDN to China for $200+ CDN refund. This is result of shoddy business with a website reseller called WareSphere for sending out a unauthorized Dell latitude 3350 motherboard (Broadwell processor, i5-5200u which is very rare option. All was celeron, Pentium or i3 from Ebay BTW for Latitude 3350.) The board bears no official part number sticker and SLIC 2.1 missing due to X00 firmware. According to Dell when contacted in question this was Beta testing motherboards that was dropped on the open market which is forbidden by Dell. Cannot be updated to official Axx (A00 thru A13) for this 3350.

That WareSphere website did not state clearly on their front website where their country origin is, I had to drill down and find that out. I thought this was a USA website via google.

Yet another dodgy chinese dealers AGAIN. I was able to obtain i3-5015U board from ebay USA-based seller and windows 10 activated properly on this board and update firmware to A13 with no problems. But this is not my intention; I wanted i5-5200u in first place. Next notebook will be HP Elitebook 820 G1 or G2 12.5" with i7 via ebay. These Elitebooks usually feature trackpoint nub. Average price on this is about 300-600 CDN plus shipping.

Reason for this motherboard replacement was broken keyboard controller chipset on this celeron motherboard when I was given a Latitude 3340 notebook. Upgraded to 3350 board with no problem.

By the way check out Latitude 5290 i7-8650U 25W but can run at 15W if desired, *real quad core 8MB cache* 12.5" for about 1,400 new direct from Dell website. HP lost on width of 12.5" notebook which is about 13.3cm wide which is same as my T420 which is 14.1" but little lighter. All you do is look up on i7-8650U. :)

The 15 to 25W U series processors are almost SOC in nature and few dollars worth of chipsets on the motherboard that wouldn't cost 40 to manufacture and assemble with parts. When building a desktop anyone knows that can get a 100 dollars worth of motherboard plus a price of a processor for your typical PC. So why should I pay that much in first place on USED motherboard market?

Also I am dumbfounded that used desktop motherboard still cost in price like new and ditto to i core processors even haswell and later i5 is expensive let alone i7 all socket 115x from ebay. Actually cheaper is to buy new parts instead! I can price out good Asus board (mid to high end ATX board) for 200-300 plus ryzen 7 2600X for another 360 or so once they are available from markets was already announced and already reviewed with favorable comments. Used DDR3 and DDR4 memory (16GB and up) from ebay is too expensive these days as well.

We also have a retarded mATX board (no fault to Asus anyway) in our family against my recommendation from a clerk at computer store years ago (H81M is slow SATA even at SATA III plus a new 2 platter 2TB HD) and chassis PWM fan connector does not output PWM signal at all. Not broken, firmware refused to take new settings for this chassis fan plug. I'll just replace it with Ryzen instead later. Using 3.6GHz i3-4160 out of budget consideration for family's budget on this and does well once running games and web browsing.

Cheers, thinkpadcollection

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Senior ThinkPadder
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Re: Why does FedEx needs 168.00 CDN to ship a 0.3Kg 2" thick and 16" long?

#2 Post by Thinkpad4by3 » Tue May 01, 2018 1:37 pm

Because Fedex ALWAYS ships two things at once: your package to your destination and your wallet to their bank account.
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Re: Why does FedEx needs 168.00 CDN to ship a 0.3Kg 2" thick and 16" long?

#3 Post by theterminator93 » Tue May 01, 2018 3:43 pm

I shipped something via FedEx once, and only once.

Their up-front rate was slightly better than the others for my package (it was shipped domestically), maybe a dollar or two less than USPS or UPS. A week or so after delivery, they hit my account with a "fuel surcharge" that cost almost as much as the initial postage paid up front, which nearly doubled my shipment's cost, and ended up making them 60-70% more costly than UPS or USPS.

From what I read after that little experience, nobody can predict what FedEx's "fuel surcharges" will be on a given shipment. Needless to say, they never get my business if I can avoid them now!
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