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favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

Talk about "WhatEVER !"..
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Senior ThinkPadder
Senior ThinkPadder
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favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#1 Post by Marin85 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:39 pm

Hi all,

I was thinking it might be useful to start a thread about other good tech- and hardware-related forums on the web. My idea is to create a thread that gathers some minimal info and links to interesting forums dedicated to various tech and hardware areas outside the ThinkPad world. I am well aware that there are plenty of such forums out there, so I would like (to encourage you) to sort out the quality stuff from the rubbish, so to speak. By "quality stuff" I mean forums with nice community, where people don´t flame each other, where interesting discussions come up once in a while, and where one can really learn a few things, that is, the first reply to a problem is not always "reinstall Windows", if you catch my meaning... To keep track, I was thinking of the following cathegories (feel free to expand or alter them as necessary!):

1. Non-ThinkPad laptop hardware;
2. Desktop hardware;
3. Broadband, networking;
4. Smart phones, PDAs, cell phones etc.;
5. Audio;
6. Video (HDTVs, tuners, projectors etc.);

To start with, here is my personal list so far:

1. Non-ThinkPad laptop hardware:
NotebookReview Forum

2. Desktop hardware:
DesktopReview Forum

TFT Central ---> it is not a forum, but it is pretty much the best place I have found so far in the net about external LCD monitors.

3. Broadband, networking:
Whirlpool Forums


4. Smart phones, cell phones, PDAs etc:

5. Audio systems, audio encoding and similar:
Hydrogen Audio ---> AFAIK, this is pretty much the forum for audio enthusiasts and pros!

6. Video encoding, editting, playback:
Doom9´s Forum ---> If I am not mistaken, this forum comes from the creators of MPC-HC.

Looking forward to more replies :)


PS: I will be updating the list with more info and links.
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Re: favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#2 Post by rkawakami » Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:57 pm

Ray Kawakami
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NOTE: All links to PC-Doctor software hosted by me are dead. Files removed 8/28/12 by manufacturer's demand.

Senior ThinkPadder
Senior ThinkPadder
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Re: favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#3 Post by pianowizard » Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:02 pm

Marin85 wrote:1. Non-ThinkPad laptop hardware:
NotebookReview Forum
Now that I no longer own a single Thinkpad, I have been going to the NotebookReview Forum more often than this one. My favorite sub-forum there is "What Notebook Should I Buy?" Whenever someone is looking for a laptop with a great screen, or a reliable used laptop, I would recommend the T60 and T60p Thinkpads.
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Re: favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#4 Post by Troels » Tue Jan 04, 2011 12:34 pm

Already a nice list, but under 2. I'd add: www.hardforum.com (especially the display sub-forum) and www.prad.de. Excellent in-depth monitor reviews with a forum too. I actually bought my external monitor from a forum user.
For 6. -> www.avforums.com . Nothing wrong with www.avsforum.com, but since US HDTVs usually have different model numbers compared to the EU and different tuners it is a bit harder to get help. Nothing is wrong with either forum.

Junior Member
Junior Member
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Re: favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#5 Post by mediasponge » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:49 pm

For issues related to broadband performance: http://www.dslreports.com/

For liquid cooling of desktop computers: http://forums.koolance.com/ (obviously Koolance centric)
In a similar vein (or coolant tube): http://www.dangerden.com/forums/ (more experience with the Koolance one)

iPod repairs: http://www.rapidrepair.com/phpbb/
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Moderator Emeritus
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Re: favorite non-ThinkPad hardware and tech forums

#6 Post by Harryc » Tue Jan 04, 2011 4:59 pm

Good desktop site, particularly for AMD products and desktop product reviews - http://www.pcper.com

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