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Just bought

X100e/X120e/X130e etc. series specific matters only.
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Just bought

#1 Post by mindriot » Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:36 pm

Picked up a nice little 3508-CTO on eaby cheap. :D

Nice to see its quite asy access for a TP : http://support.lenovo.com/en_GB/product ... D=PD008444

Hoping to find answers to some questions.

Is it worth extracting HS/F heatsink and redoing with AS5? (Logic says yes but asking anyway)

DIMM upgrade to 8Gb is unofficially possible, any specific brands of Ram good or bad?

Is DIMM clock locked to 667 or can it be upped to 800?

Is there a non-whitelisted BIOS like Middleton BIOS available. (Got an Ericsson 3507 and wondering it could be used).

Is the WWAN antenna provisioned or does it need to be added.

Maximum HDD capacity 1TB+ (SSD or otherwise)?

Does second miniPCIe socket support bootable SSD cards?

Is there an Ultrabase or docking base that can be used?

Can it be modded to add fingerprint reader?

Do the latest ATI Catalyst drivers improve performance and video as much as reported?

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Re: Just bought

#2 Post by emtee3511 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:09 pm

@mindriot -- I moved this from the T6x Board for clarity:
"studying the diagrams I cant see an immediate difference between X100e palmrest/bezel and an x120e, its got me wondering if the Fingerprint reader could be added :S
I think mine has W7 x64 but will know when it arrives, still havent warmed to W7 UI over Vista and sometimes I prefer XP on a netbook just for speed and functionality, XP needed for some specialist software.
Ill likely multiboot it with W7, possibly Vista X64, XP and Linux Mint 13 on a 1TB and move to an SSD later, no second ultrabay HDD here unfortunately."

All my machines have been W7 for a few years -- used Vista for a short time and XP longer -- but W7 makes things like networking and finding drivers much simpler than XP and Vista did for me -- runs great on the X100e -- you'll have to see what you think when you get your machine :)
X201-3680-AL6 + X200.1s-5143-CTO + X200-7459-BW3(AFFS-Glossy)
+ X1 Carbon-3rd Gen 20BT-S22 + X1 Carbon-1st Gen 3444-B8U
+ X100e-3508-CTO
+ W510-4391-C52(FHD-Glossy)+ W520-4276-37U

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