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x120e schematics

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:38 pm
by AdaSch

I'm looking for x120e schematics

I want to add HDD led. I really don't understand, why lenovo resign from hdd led. It's very, very cheap feature.
this same mistake doacer in AOD270 model, but I add it by my self.

no lead from BT, WIFI, WWAW but I can life with this... but i really don't understand this politics. Name ThinPad commits to be a best.

I chose x120e because he is small and have ultranav. Updated by me Acer ado270(Atom, 9h on battery) is better than x120e but don't have ultranav and I can't live without trackpont :)

any one help with schematics?

Re: x120e schematics

Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:15 pm
by RealBlackStuff ... nload.html
Click on where it says: Get Manual below the big square.