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ThinkPad 600 (non-E) - Possible to get ACPI to work?

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ThinkPad 600 (non-E) - Possible to get ACPI to work?

#1 Post by kfzhu1229 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:25 pm

I have this ThinkPad 600 (2645-51U) with unofficial 416mb of RAM (256+128+32 onboard) and PII 266, running the very very first version of BIOS that doesn't even have any code except the date of apr/98 indicating it's the very first BIOS that isn't even in IBM's documentation and doesn't even support fast boot (and takes 1 minute to post due to the insane amount of RAM). I have no way to get ACPI to work, while APM works just fine. In hope of getting ACPI to work, I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version (1.22) from the drivers page of this forum. It says ACPI revision update in the BIOS revision log, but after updating the BIOS, I still couldn't get ACPI to work. Anything that requires ACPI crashes. Even TPFanControl doesn't work properly. Any ideas?
P.S. Now I noticed how bad the very first revision of BIOS is. It has those weird issues such as instability at post and at sleep modes that it fails to do so at times. On top of that the fan for some reason doesn't spin in Windows 2000 or XP no matter how hot the CPU gets until I open TPFanControl (which kicks the fan on and crashes). The new BIOS fixed all that and on top of that, it brings fast boot which make this machine post after 15 seconds instead of a minute.
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