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Has anyone here had any success repairing the ribbon cable on a keyboard for a TP 760 series?

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Has anyone here had any success repairing the ribbon cable on a keyboard for a TP 760 series?

#1 Post by MustardOrMayo » Wed May 23, 2018 9:30 am

As you may be able to tell from my forum signature as of posting this, I have 2 760EDs, of which there's
  1. an Asian unit that spent most of its life in a humid storeroom, causing the LCD to warp from moisture damage, and besides that, the resume battery did leak, corroding the right half of the keyboard card, and rendering the system unbootable (as, from all the corrosion, it would think that the keyboard lid is always open), not to mention, no working audio (it doesn't beep on startup),
  2. and a North American unit that has pixel bleed on its LCD panel (possibly from damage while in transit to me, as it was an "untested" unit), of which I was able to clean the corrosion on its keyboard card to the point where the system would boot successfully, but with a non-functioning keyboard and TrackPoint buttons.
I was considering repairing the ribbon cables (not the area where the actual keys are, but where it plugs in to the keyboard card) of at least one of the keyboards, so that I would be able to just get the keyboard card by itself* on eBay rather than buying both that and the keyboard itself, as I highly doubt I can find some really obscure place that I can trust, that has both the parts I need, and possibly also an intact XGA LCD panel.

*(unless I can find a schematic for that online and try to repair it myself or fabricate a new one)

I did do some research online about using conductive paint to repair external "rubber dome" keyboards (not laptop keyboards) and was considering doing something similar, but have the fear of screwing up and shorting out one or more of the pins.
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