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restoring ibm thinkpad 360pe and later modding

Older ThinkPads.. from the 600, the 7xx, the iSeries, 300, 500, the Transnote and, of course, the 701
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Posts: 2
Joined: Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:28 pm
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

restoring ibm thinkpad 360pe and later modding

#1 Post by elor » Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:55 pm

i recently bought two 360pe with intention to restore one and mod the other with more modern sbc and display
when i disassembled the thinkpad i noticed they have different cpu
one is amd - amd486dx5
and the other is intel - i486 dx sb80486
and wondered which one is more preferable
the intel one didnt have the sound option but the amd did which is fine as i only intend to restore one
i also have one working hard drive 540mb p/n 84g4319 which for some reason doesnt recognized but fully working when plugged to my laptop via usb adapter
what is the highest storage hard drive that will work
i also have an ibm 32mb dram 70ns
both screen are gone one was working with stylus but stopped and the other display never did ill have to find a suitable replacement maybe from other 360/750 model?
im guessing that resistivity touch is working on both panels although i couldnt use it when the display stop showing image (tried with an external display)
the amd one seems to be the earlier version judging by the date code of varies ic's
theres some cracks in the chassis and wondered if its repairable maybe with glue (epoxy - if so what kind) or should i look for a suitable donor again 360/750 series
i also have a fully working original ibm battery with funny little red switch at the bottom for switching it on or off along side with the laptop on off switch
adding photos

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Posts: 2
Joined: Sat Sep 19, 2020 6:28 pm
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Re: restoring ibm thinkpad 360pe and later modding

#2 Post by elor » Sun Sep 20, 2020 8:39 am

display original ribbon cables can be taken out with a little bit of juggling and angle games
now i just need to wait to see if i can fit the new display cable into the screen chassis and also the power cables one for each side
flat slim hdmi cable might fit inside but still looking for better solution
less then 1cm width and probably at least 15-20cm long maybe just a thin cable
as for the display i thought of using a 9.7 retina display which is almost a perfect fit for the original 9.5 inch screen (toshiba vnbltx-8104s-zza p/n 84g5665)
i might trim the edges a bit or reconfigure the screen size to fit 9.5 inch
keyboard will be connected to a teensy mcu and to the sbc over usb (whichever it will be raspbeery pi or something stronger)
still need to think about
power source
input output plugs (usb, charge port etc)

the hdd still refuse to be recognized although confirmed to be in working condition when plugged via adapter to my laptop
might just be the cable adapter ill try to check it later this week

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