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765 inverter? - goes dark, what to change?

Posted: Thu May 19, 2022 12:46 pm
by solidpro

I am used to replacing or recapping inverters from most thinkpads. I am trying to make 1 good 765 machine out of 2 good ones but I'm a bit stuck with the screen. The LCD is good but goes dim after about 10 seconds. The picture is still there but there is no backlight. I took the LCD out expecting to see a seperate inverter to swap over but there was nothing behind the panel. It does have a thick pair of wires which go down into the base, but I will have to dismantle the whole thing to get to them. Does anyone know on the 765, whether there is a seperate removable inverter buried down there?

Is it in any way interchangable with the similar 760 series?