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760ed win95 install problem

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2023 7:11 am
by Walshe
Hi folks, I have a old thinkpad 760ed that was running win98se I removed the hdd (2gb) and ran hirens on another laptop to format and partition the drive. I want to install win95osr 2.5 which I have on cd. The 760 does not have a fdd only cddrive. Without knowing how to proceed I am getting errors I9990301 I9990302 I9990305 now. What do indeed to do?

Re: 760ed win95 install problem

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2023 9:55 am
by rheacox
Not familiar with the 760's but it sounds like either the disc isn't bootable or more likely the 760 series doesn't support support CD booting. You'll need a floppy drive or to install it on another machine.

Re: 760ed win95 install problem

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2023 1:27 pm
by nfraser01
Windows 95 CD's are not bootable...

Perhaps go back to the machine that you used Hiren's on and copy the setup files from the CD directory \win95 to the hard disk at \windows\options\cabs

You'll also need to make the drive bootable by your preferred method...

Then put hard drive back in the TP and run setup from the c:\windows\options\cabs directory once booted into DOS

Or get an external floppy for the TP?


Re: 760ed win95 install problem

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2023 11:53 am
by Walshe
Will it boot from an external floppy?
I’ve put the hard disk into another laptop and installed win95 completely reinstalled it into the thinkpad and now I get I/O error replace disk then hit any key

Re: 760ed win95 install problem

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2023 5:49 pm
by SMA
A 760 can boot from an external FDD, but there is no generic external FDD's available - you will need an IBM external FDD of similar age as the 760.

The 760 has an external floppy connector, locate at the back of the Thinkpad.

You may have to look on ebay or a similar place to find one.
And of course, you will need some floppy disks and another PC with a floppy drive to write appropriate content to a floppy disk.

Since you already have had the HDD out and installed into an other laptop, I will have to assume that you have had the HDD out of it's HDD caddy.
So I will just let you know that the cable inside the caddy of a 760ed it rather fragile and breaks quiet easily - so be careful.
See this: