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Thinkpad E560 random screen flashing

Edge / E-Series
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Thinkpad E560 random screen flashing

#1 Post by caven.ohm » Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:55 am


Does anybody experienced this problem on Thinkpad E560? Whenever I use it, whether in battery or via AC adapter, the screen flashes randomly. It flashes like when our eyes are blinking. When I use my computer, it occurs 2-4 times. It doesn't affect what I'm doing but the thing is this is very annoying.

I tried the following solution: changed the refresh rate to 60 Hz and disabled refresh rate switching in the intel graphic driver. It solve the flashing when switching from battery to AC adapter (when plugging in or disconnecting the charger) but the flashing that I experienced when using my computer.

Anybody who knows solution to this problem? I'm using Windows 7 pre-installed OS with integrated graphics driver.

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Re: Thinkpad E560 random screen flashing

#2 Post by LTE » Sun Feb 21, 2021 3:16 pm

Your screen cable is damage where it passes through the hinge (the one on the left side). Replacement cables are available, but it may take some looking. I ordered mine from NewEgg. You can also find some new or used on Ebay (and some new ones come direct from China).

There is a pair of how-to videos on Youtube, but one easy note of caution (later below) is necessary.

You will need to take your computer completely apart, but it's not difficult. I had a couple of screws not mentioned in this video, likely that I have a different E560 EV20 variant (20EV002GUS) than his. Start with the complete stripdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiCfmWJB6k4

Then see the same persons video on removing the screen from the lid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiCfmWJB6k4. Here is my note of caution concerning removing the cable's connection to the screen (segment from 3:45 to 4:15 --- At 4:05 there is a wire keeper that is briefly visible, stuck to the adhesive clear plastic tape he pulls back. He does not mention that, and I didn't notice it in the video. I had to pull hard to disconnect, and didn't see that that wire keeper (bail) was behind a metal part of the connector on the screen. So, I broke that metal part and the bail, both off and had to replace my screen, too.

That video is only for removing the screen, but removing the rest of the cable that connects to the video camera and functions as a wireless antenna is easy to do.

You can read the general part number, for ordering the correct cable, on the clear plastic tape mentioned above. Mine is DC02C005000. You also need the specific part number, and there are two possible ones, depending on the exact laptop model, as you can see by exploring the parts on the pages here, and reading down to the bottom of the relevant cable pages (https://lenovo.encompass.com/model/LEN20EV002FUS):

1) Cable 00HN432 fits these E560 EV20 models: 20EV002FUS, 20EV002HCA, 20EV002KUS, 20EV002PUS

2) Cable 00HT633 fits these E560 EV20 models (note one additional model): 20EV002FUS, 20EV002GUS, 20EV002HCA, 20EV002KUS, 20EV002PUS

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