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Getting Windows 8/10/11 display drivers working on a ThinkPad Edge 15 (Intel)!!!

Edge / E-Series
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Getting Windows 8/10/11 display drivers working on a ThinkPad Edge 15 (Intel)!!!

#1 Post by Suki-chan » Sat Oct 02, 2021 7:53 pm

So, after spending the last year or two trying to get full functionality using Windows 11 (or 10/8) on my Edge 15 (i3 380M, 8GB DDR3, 240GB Micron SSD), I have finally found a way to get them to work properly.

Basically, getting the official display drivers directly from Lenovo is a no-go, as they won't work whatsoever on any version other than 7.
Instead, you should source out the Intel Generic Iron Lake graphics chipset driver, extract the folder, and manually install it using Device Manager. The screen will flicker a couple times, then the proper 1366*768 resolution will appear.

Unlike on Windows 7, you shouldn't have to worry about WiFi drivers, as on Windows 8 and newer, they work out of the box, even after a clean install.

I originally couldn't find any info on this online, so hopefully this is found to be useful by somebody else!
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