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Forum-misery IS OVER ******* YEAHHH ***

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Re: Forum-misery IS OVER ******* YEAHHH ***

#31 Post by Medessec » Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:45 am

Just so everyone knows: That's 11PM Western time, 7AM in British-land time, and Europeans go from there.

As long as it doesn't completely stifle forum functionality... such as getting SQL errors during the backups, non-loading pages, the reply page not loading or the "Your message was posted" page not loading and I sit in fear that I double posted on accident...

I should be okay.
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*Senior* Admin
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Re: Forum-misery IS OVER ******* YEAHHH ***

#32 Post by BillMorrow » Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:05 pm

the backup takes about 10 minutes to complete..
sometimes I download it to local storage bu tthat only uses bandwidth and I pay for gigabits of bandwidth so it should not cause any delays..

I should add that I too love the new speed.. it enables me to sort out spammers from those who are merely shy and don't want to say what their location is..
I totally understand that but come on, its only for local consumption of other members..
AND I suppose I can mod the code to only show locations to registered forum members rather than guests..
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