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Accessing documents from Lenovo's new Support site

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:13 am
by rkawakami
Recently, Lenovo has completed moving the old IBM Thinkpad Support site (usually at the domain) onto the domain. If you have links or references that contain the MIGR or document name, then you might be able to get to those documents directly by using this trick: ... ID=[b]<put MIGR/document name here>[/b]
(Note, this is the US English version. You may be able to change the language by replacing the "en_US" with the language/location code for your area)

For example, I was just looking for the Thinkpad BIOS matrix page. The old link I've been using was: ... MOE-3VAM8Y[/b]
Going to that URL, you are now redirected to the main Lenovo Support home page and then you have to search there for whatever you are looking for. Since the document name is BMOE-3VAM8Y, this link: ... MOE-3VAM8Y[/b]
gets you there right away. This trick seems to work with whatever old (i.e. IBM) document name I've thrown at it. It is especially useful when using links found with search engines, as most of them are still pointing to the IBM domain. Here's some other examples: ... =TPAD-SIMS (BIOS Simulator) ... MIGR-55644 (Memory compatibility) ... PAD-MATRIX (Thinkpad Drivers and Software matrix)

edit Aug 6, 2011:

For current document names, such as "PD011979" then use this URL:
(Note the removal of "Legacy" before "DocID")

From trying a couple of combinations, it appears you can't use "Legacy" document names (MIGR-, TPAD-MOVIES, etc.) with this URL. Similarly, you can't use the Document ID names (PD014527 and the like) with the "&LegacyDocID=" version.

You can also try using the "site:" option in Google searches to find information:
<search terms>