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In the Market for a X1C

X1/X1-Carbon series specific matters only
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In the Market for a X1C

#1 Post by t20user » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:03 pm

I am considering a used X1 to replace my trusty X201. I have finally let go of the need for a legacy style keyboard in favor of more portability and hopefully better battery life. I am considering a gen3 or gen4 machine and mostly concerned with battery life. I would like to get 4 hours average use on battery. Which gen would have better battery life? Would an i7 or i5 last longer on battery? Anything else to consider between these generations?

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Re: In the Market for a X1C

#2 Post by w0qj » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:38 am

We have both the X1C3 (3rd generation, 2015) and X1C4 (4th generation, 2016).
X1C3 with i7
X1C3 with i5
X1C4 with i7

All models were non-touch LCD, and all other details were "top spec".
ie: maxed out RAM, largest SSD available.

We used these to browse the web and to check emails.

1. Battery life.
Dare we suggest that we had same anecdotal 4-5 hours battery life for all above models (X1C3 i7, X1C3 i5, X1C4 i7).
All models running on Windows 7 Pro. The X1C3 with i5 had since been upgraded to Win10, same battery life.

Also, the "Fast Charging" does really work on both X1C3 and X1C4; we strongly advise you to buy the "65W AC Adapter" to enable fast charging.
(ie: Do not get the slightly cheaper 45W AC Adapter; the savings are minimal and you lose the fast charging ability).

2. If budget allows, may we suggest you consider the X1C4 (4th gen, 2016) because of its NVMe SSD support to future proof your storage.
(X1C3 [3rd gen, 2015] supports only ACHI SSD and does not support NVMe SSD).

3. The X1C4 had three (3) USB 3.0 ports, which is appreciated.
The X1C3 had two (2) USB 3.0 ports.

4. X1C4 max RAM and SSD from Lenovo: 16 GB RAM, [expensive] 1 TB SSD (of the NVMe variety).
X1C3 max RAM and SSD from Lenovo: 8 GB RAM, and 500 GB SSD (of the ACHI variety).

Have fun deciding ;)
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