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Dual Monitor Issues with X1C6

X1/X1-Carbon (X1Cx) series and newer, specific matters only
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Dual Monitor Issues with X1C6

#1 Post by cppt » Wed Jul 04, 2018 3:33 pm


I recently picked up a 6th gen X1 Carbon and have been having intermittent issues with a second monitor connected via the USB-C port.

I currently have two displays set up, both Acer 20" with DVI and VGA female ports. One monitor is connected via HDMI out to DVI in and the second via the USB-C out to converter (VGA in) and then out to monitor VGA. Most of the time this works fine and I've been able to set up to get full HD on each. Intermittently though the right monitor (USB-C>VGA>VGA) loses signal prompted by moving some application (eg, FF browser, VLC) to the second monitor, but this doesn't happen with all applications nor even given applications each time. As this only happens when prompted by moving an application I'm guessing this is some driver/hardware quirk.

I tried a Google search as well as pouring over the forum but didn't turn up much. Are there known issues with dual displays on the X1C6 and/or any known remedies? Also, are there generally preferred out ports people use to connect dual external monitors? HDMI seemed like the natural first choice but I'm not sure if there's a preference otherwise from the bevy of USB ports.


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