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Using Lenovo USB Webcam 40Y8519 on W8.1?

Windows 8 on ThinkPads
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Using Lenovo USB Webcam 40Y8519 on W8.1?

#1 Post by lindycogito » Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:54 am

Hi, has anybody succeeded to use the external USB Lenovo webcam 40Y8519 on Windows 8.1?

It is listed as "not compatible" on the Windows compatibility check website but 2 people voted it as "compatible", so perhaps there are some workarounds.

This website also listed it as not compatible for W7, but by simply installing the drivers from the (now broken link) ibm suport website, it had worked fine with W7 for me in the past.

I tried installing as I did for W7 (using the lenovousbwebcam.exe that I kept) with W7 compatibility mode. When I plug the camera, W8.1 tries (and fails) to install its own driver. I tried manually installing drivers by looking through the folders where lenovousbwebcam.exe had installed stuff, but Windows told me that it could not find any valid drivers.

Any workaround? I have two of these external webcams, and I find them quite useful to get better control on what to display when I use the laptop vs. the integrated camera...
Simon Lacoste-Julien
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