T570: M2 NVMe + additional 2,5" SATAIII?

T430/T440 and T530/540 series specific matters only
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T570: M2 NVMe + additional 2,5" SATAIII?

#1 Post by hirnsaege » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:26 pm

So i'm considering to buy a Thinkpad T570 ... (or a T470 or P51s), highend configurations (NVMe SSD and hiDPI screen).

From what i get from reviews (correct me if I'm wrong):
– this has an NVMe SSD installed, that has the 2280 form factor and sits in an adapter of the 2,5" drive bay and is connected via PCIe with two lanes.
– In this bay, i could also put in a 2,5" drive there (that is SATAIII only then due to drives limitations).
– there is an additional M.2 slot, where i could add another SSD, but only with small form factor 2242. I am not sure if there are PCIe lanes attached to this, or if this slot is SATAIII only (mixed information).

From my old notebook i still have a Samsung 850 Evo 1TB. If possible, i'd like to re-use the Evo drive as a second drive.

Questions are:
– I guess adding the old 2,5" SSD is not possible without dropping the original drive completely as this does not fit in the second M.2 slot? (this is no option of course)
– If i added a *new* second drive to the M.2 slot, would that always be connected with SATAIII only, so be limited to 500MB/sec, or is there more to achieve?
– are there any differences in this regards between T470, T570, P51s (or T470p, which is a remote option).

thanks for your help

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Re: T570: M2 NVMe + additional 2,5" SATAIII?

#2 Post by Pascal_TTH » Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:25 am

If you want to use your old 1 TB SSD, you have to order a T570 with a SATA 2,5" storage like the default HDD. It will be limited to SATA III. The second M.2 slot is for the 4G module. It can handle a short SSD M.2 2242 in SATA mode. This way, everything will be limited to SATA III so 500 MB/s. I don't know it the same connector handles SATA and NVMe (some kind of universal connector) or if the laptop have a different connector according to the SSD/HDD.

P51s and T570 are just the same laptops (only de dGPU is different).

PS : I got a Thinkpad E470 with a SATA III 500 GB Samsung Evo SSD and a T570 with the NVMe 256 GB, the have the same boot speed. I also have a desktop with two NVMe Samsung 960 Pro, in most case, it is not faster than my last year desktop with SATA III SSD. So in most case, NVMe did not bring much speed up. Going from SATA SSD to NVMe SSD is really not as impressive as changing from HDD to SSD. Looks like access time do all the difference, not the MB/s.
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Re: T570: M2 NVMe + additional 2,5" SATAIII?

#3 Post by w0qj » Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:43 pm

Pascal_TTH is right, you need to check (or even phone Lenovo/Thinkpad sales hotline) to confirm this:
"If you want to use your old 1 TB SSD, you have to order a T570 with a SATA 2,5" storage like the default HDD. "

~Thinkpad sometimes has a habit of providing *only* the storage interface you ordered your SSD with.
~ie: You may need to purchase (expensive OEM) adapters to change your SSD format.

Confirm that T570 has 2.5" drive slot, with adapter for NVMe SSD for some models:
(It has a nice photo of the insides of T570 too):

www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ThinkPad-T ... 184.0.html
"The primary slot has the 2.5-inch form factor and is attached via PCIe x2. You can either use corresponding 2.5-inch drives (up to 7 mm high) or NVMe modules via an adapter. The WWAN slot (M.2-2242) can also be used for a SATA-III SSD or Intel's new Optane storage."

We second Pascal_TTH's opinion that HDD>>SSD is a BIG difference, but a SATA3_SSD>>M.2_SSD is only a smaller incremental difference by comparison.

We have T410 computer which upgraded from HDD to Samsung 850 Pro 500 GB (this SATA SSD has 10-year-warranty),
and the difference in speed is huge.

Compared to our X1 Carbon Gen 3 had same memory & spec but faster CPU and PCIe SSD, our X1C3 was somewhat faster, but the difference is not nearly as big. Noticeable difference, yes. BIG difference? No.

0. Don't care about budget approach: Just buy the biggest sized NVMe SSD you can afford for your T570 ;)

1a. Budget approach: We recommend you consider only storage space available to you (and how much future storage you need).

1b. If your NVMe SSD is same size as your SATA SSD (1TB), then by all means keep using your NVMe SSD!
Just use your SATA SSD as an external data backup drive.

1c. If your T570 NVMe SSD capacity is smaller than that of your Samsung 850 Evo 1 TB, then use your Samsung 850 Evo 1 TB in your T570 (need to go through the hassle of Product Recovery reinstallation).
Slight SSD speed penalty, but lots more storage space.

Option (1c) would be our recommendation if budget concerns are a priority.

Have fun deciding ;)
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