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Warped headphone jackon T540p

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Warped headphone jackon T540p

#1 Post by Utwig » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:29 am

I have wonky headphone jack on T540p - it works but if cable moves, it looses the connection. Is it possible to fix? If yes how hard is it? Or do I have to replace motherboard.

Once I tripped on and yanked out the headphone cable. Since then the cable is loose in the socket - if it bends down I loose the stereo. Also it thinks it has mic attached even when using headphones without mic so it turns off internal microphone.

I'm about to replace trackpad on the laptop and I could also fix the headphone jack in the process. I checked the HWMM and the jack part seems to be soldered on the motherboard. Does anyone have any experience with fixing or replacing it?

How hard would it be to fix?
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Re: Warped headphone jackon T540p

#2 Post by MikalE » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:37 pm

If it is a sealed jack you likely can't fix it.

It sounds as if the contact leaves have been bent out of position from you having yanked out the cord.

Simple enough to replace. The hard part may be getting to it. You will probably have to remove the MB to work on it to get to the solder contacts.
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