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T460 Full HD Screen Upgrade to AUO B140HAN01.2

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T460 Full HD Screen Upgrade to AUO B140HAN01.2

#1 Post by agarza » Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:31 pm

Finally replaced the awful the crap panel fitted to the T460, I'm talking about the LEN40A9, LP140WF6-SPB1. This is a LG screen with very poor color spaces.
Per this review of the T460:
http://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-Thi ... 923.0.html

That LG screen only have 37% of AdobeRGB and 58.2% sRGB color space coverage. The colors are very dull and washed out.

In comparison the T450 is using an AU Optronics B140HAN01.2 LCD panel, with rumoured claims that it covers 99% sRGB and 79% Adobe RGB. Comparing them side by side you can clearly see the colors on the AUO are much more livid.
https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comme ... 460st460p/

I started doing some experiments with a T450 I have lying around that was upgraded to the same AUO panel, although it have the brightness problem in Windows, supposedly there will be a new driver update from Intel which would force the EDID, but for the Intel HD 5500 Graphics of the T450 is still not available.
I decided to do a simple LCD assembly swap T460 <-> T450. And at first try was discouraged once I swapped the T450 on the T460 chassis; the screen wouldn't turn on.
Later I decided to only put the LCD connector in place from the T450 LCD assembly fitted with the AUO but use the Power Cable from the T460, so I had to a little bit of gymnastics with the machine. In the end, hoorah! T460 powered ON with the AUO screen, in Windows I could control the brightness!
So, I had to peel my less than a year old T460 LCD sheet to replace the crap LG panel.

In the end I'm very sattisfied.
I don't understand why Lenovo sources their screens from manufacturers which have lousy panels.

I will sell the T450 with the HD panel it came with (gladly I paid for it use, but it looks like new).

Also looked at the possibility of trying to fit a QWHD panel on the T460 but I don't think is possible:
The T460s LCD cable end that connects to the motherboard uses a connector similar to the one end that goes to the LCD panel, and another little small connector, the T460p uses a similar cable end than the T460s but with only one cable instead of 2.
So I don't know if finding the right cable would do the trick. The last thing I want to do is short something on the motherboard.

For now, having the T460 fitted with this gorgeous panel will do.

AUO screen on the T460:
Image warning:
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