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t430 / t430 hinges from China

T430 and later, plus T530 and later series specific matters only
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t430 / t430 hinges from China

#1 Post by WarhawkCZ » Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:07 am

Hello everyone,
hinges on my t430 became lose and would like to replace them.
Does anyone have experience with the stuff from aliexpress
or China in general? I don't mind used hinges or "refurbished" ones as long as it's not complete rubbish.

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Re: t430 / t430 hinges from China

#2 Post by fatal_exception » Sun Dec 23, 2018 5:06 pm

Bought 3 sets (2nd & 3rd recently) and, unfortunately, it's a lottery. All were marked as "new" I'd say that only the first set looked like it was new, 2nd and 3rd are a bit modified. I can provide pictures if you'd like.

One set worked fine for about a year, right one become a bit loose (juddery, but still quite stiff). Replaced both with set number 2 and it's pretty much okay but if you pick up the laptop quick enough, the display will either close or open to 180 degrees.

It can't be determined how it'll work until you install them, because just before I did that, I tried to check them with hand & pliers and it looked like they were stiffer than the 1st set. There's no judder but they're definitely not stiffer.
I'm planning to replace them with the 3rd set or try to fix 1st set somehow and put it back.

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