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T450 - Delta vs Sunon vs AVC fan noise (replacing the high pitch Delta fan)

T430 and later, plus T530 and later series specific matters only
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T450 - Delta vs Sunon vs AVC fan noise (replacing the high pitch Delta fan)

#1 Post by Snake » Sun Nov 25, 2018 5:23 pm

Hi i recently bought T450 as my first Thinkpad laptop and i'm amazed by it so far. My only concern is that i have a Delta fan, which sadly produce high pitch noise whenever it start spinning (it does this high pitch jet engine noise everytime, even under low RPM. Even at the lowest RPM possible i can hear this high pitched noise. It's not a fault of dust build up, just of the design of the fan. From what i know Delta fans always do that in any hardware where they're used)

I know that Delta fans have exactly the same behaviour in PS4 consoles and i can't bear it, so i'm looking to replace it with Sunon Fan (FRU: 00HT597) or AVC Fan (FRU: 04X5942). But i don't have any previous experience with these manufacturers.

My question is which one of these two fans is quieter AND produce lower frequency sound when it's spinning. I'm looking for a fan that sounds like... a fan not like a plane that is taking off. After my experience with Delta fans in the past i know that it's their fault and different manufacturer should be ok. I really can't bear high pitch noise, especially that which Delta produce every time when it's turned on.

So, do someone here have any experience with Sunon or AVC fans? Maybe even from different models, different laptops. Any information on these manufacturers should be usable to make a decision :P

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