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T440p upgrades/palmrest compatibility

T430 and later, plus T530 and later series specific matters only
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T440p upgrades/palmrest compatibility

#1 Post by Mightyena » Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:29 pm

Hi all,

I've recently decided to treat myself to a nice little upgrade, and replace my trusty T420 with a T440p. I found a 'fixer-upper' on Ebay, that is a low spec base model to upgrade, and won it for £115. When it arrived I discovered it was actually specced better than the listing claimed: it claimed an i3-4000M and a 1366x768 display, but when I powered it up I discovered it had the following:
  • i3-4100M (Woo! 100MHz extra!)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1080p IPS display (apparently the LG LP140WF1-SPK1). It has a yellow spot on it though, which although not a dealbreaker (it only shows up on dark colours), is kind of annoying, so I've ordered an AUO BH140HAN01.3 to replace it.
  • 500GB HDD
  • WWAN Card in the M.2 slot (left it in as short M.2 drives are kind of expensive. Went for a 2.5" SSD and Ultrabay caddy instead)
I've already upped it to 8GB RAM, added an SSD, a T450 touchpad (Alps unfortunately, the Synaptics seem extremely hard to come by. Still the Alps version seems perfectly serviceable), and swapped out the i3-4100M with an i7-4700MQ, and so far, it's amazing!

I just have a few questions on where to go from here:

My T440p does not have a fingerprint reader. However I do also have a regular T440 on the way, which does. Are the palmrests/connectors of the two compatible?
Also as a note, I'm planning to install the AUO screen in the T440p, and swap the LG screen into the T440, which has a 1366x768 one. This should just be a plug & swap, right? I shouldn't need any whitelist trickery for either machine?

I run a dual boot between Linux Mint 19 and Windows 8.1 on it (Lenovo Product info says it shipped with W7, but the COA in the BIOS is for W8, and there is no W7 sticker anywhere on it). In Linux, everything works perfectly, but on Windows 8, I am unable to get the taskbar battery icon and charge thresholds working, since Power manager or the Lenovo modern app thingy work on Windows 8 anymore. I've been using BatteryBar to get the tray icon, but since installing the 4700MQ, that seems to have stopped working too. Are there any fixes for those?

Thank you for any advice!
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