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T430s No blacklight and no keyboard function.

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:24 pm
by muga_thinkpads
Good day to the Thinkpad Fam. Would like to know if anyone else faced this issue with a t430s where there was no keyboard function eccept for the power button and the display backlight was not turning on. Also the mute button just stays lit. Once the charger is connected it starts up and stuck on menu asking me to press F1 to set the time but cant because the kepboard is not working and already tried a known definately working keyboard from my t430 and still nothing. Would just like to know if its a mobo issue or soemthing else. Already swapped around the ram slots and nothing and tried unplugging the display cable and reconnecting and still nothing. Dont have an external monitor or keyboard to try at this moment and no dock also. So if anyone knows exactly what the issue is please help. Thanks in advance. :D