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T430 wifi switch

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2020 5:47 am
by AndyMH
Was in the middle of a post to say help, my wifi doesn't work and then it worked again. I'd physically switched it off (little switch on the right next to the SD card slot) to set up a new router hardwired via an ethernet cable (didn't want wireless - it would pick up my existing router), did my stuff, switched off and set the wifi switch back on. Booted - no wifi.

Spent 10mins switching it off and on again, removing battery, rebooting - nothing. Stuck the T430 in the dock to get internet and thought I'd have one last fiddle, which was awkward with it in the dock. wifi came back.

Message - that little switch can be temperamental, if it's working leave it alone and if you want to disable wifi, do it in software.