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TP T540P mouse issue

T430-T490, T530-T590 Series
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TP T540P mouse issue

#1 Post by ayarrington » Mon Mar 28, 2022 11:37 am

Hello all. I'm new to this forum, but I'm a long-time user of Thinkpads, back to about 1999-ish, when I had transitioned into I.T. and had an IBM TP600.

Here's the deal: I'm permanently disabled from strokes, unfortunately, stemming from a childhood brain tumor at age 6(radiation supposedly precipitated the strokes. Anyway, I needed to get a Thinkpad running Windows 11 as inexpensively as possible, b/c the TP I had(aP50) was ineligible to upgrade from Win10 to Win11 b/c the chipset was incompatible(I had already configured Secure Boot, UEFI only). So, I sniped a used TP T540P(win11) on EBay for a pretty good price(a bit under $200) and have spent some additional $ to upgrade/repair it(the keys were largely rubbed blank so you couldn't see the lettering, etc., and it only had 4GB of RAM(feels weird to say "only 4GB" since that was about how much servers had early in my i.t. days).
Anyway, it generally works pretty well, but it has 1 annoying problem I'm hoping you can help with: Specifically, when I 'lock' the desktop to get up to, say, use the b/r, when I come back to it and login with the finger[print reader, the mouse is invariably not visible and I can't get it to work again except by rebooting(think Ctrl-Alt-Dlt to the black screen, then using the tab key to get down to the power icon/menu in the lower-right corner, arrow up and choose 'reboot'. After it reboots, the mouse again works normally - until I lock it again and get up....rinse..repeat. I've tried updating the trckpoint drivers, then trying different settings in the 'power options'(thinking it was turning off the mouse), but nothing has helped. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if the guy who sold it to me had similar trouble with it and finally decided to ditch it.
Can y'all please help me resolve this?
Thanks much in advance!
p.s. I have the trackpad turned OFF b/c I don't want the mouse moving when I inevitably accidentally brush against it.

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