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Rodecaster Pro2 and Linux OS

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2023 9:42 pm
by PeterLinu
I want to operate my Rodecaster audio device with Linux Mint rather than Windows or Apple. A different forum suggests that fitting a PCIE card will allow it to work.
Can a PCIE card be fitted to a Thinkpad T440p?

Re: Rodecaster Pro2 and Linux OS

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 2:06 am
by axur-delmeria
Is this the Rodecaster Pro2? ... ter-pro-ii

It says it's a USB-C device. The T440p doesn't have USB-C, and honestly there's no practical way to put a fully-fledged USB-C port on the T440p. PCIe card? The only accessible PCIe signal on the T440p is through the WiFi slot, which has a BIOS whitelist that stops the laptop from booting if a non-authorized card is detected. :x

I said "practically". It's technically doable, but really, really messy. I mean even if you get it working, it won't be as portable as a laptop you can carry around...

The list of authorized cards consists only of the WiFI cards that the T440p is offered with. There's probably a way to remove that WiFi whitelist, but to connect a USB-C PCIe card like this to the T440p requires an M.2 adapter like this with a cable that snakes out from the interior of the laptop (you'll probably need to cut a hole at the bottom. And no, the cable is not detachable :o

Oh. and you'll need an external power supply to power that card, and some kind of enclosure.

IMO it's more convenient to get a more recent (not necessarily brand-new) laptop with USB-C ports. These days, second-hand Thinkpad T480's are cheap and plentiful (at least in the US) because they're being phased out en masse in large companies.

Re: Rodecaster Pro2 and Linux OS

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2023 2:44 am
by PeterLinu
thank you for making the reply a bit more expansive than 'no'.
These days I'm more likely to get something like a Lenovo M90 tiny. Still limited desktop real estate but packing a modern punch.