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General Questions about x230 FHD mod, coreboot, ME cleaner, etc

Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2018 11:36 am
by TheToeNail
Ive been waiting to do anything to my x230 because I have concerns about what these upgrades will do to my system (or negative side effects)

So to break it down by each mod and each issue heres what im worried about:

1 Full HD mod - board purchased from taobao. 13.3" screen from win0win on ebay. new bezel from superbuy
  • Do I need the sense wire with my board? (I heard mine doesnt need it)
    If I dont need it, will I have weird issues with lid closing, etc
    How hard is the initial solder? I have basic soldering skills and thats about it
    Will my dock still work?
2. Coreboot
  • Will this break any compatibility with anything? Will I really even notice it after booting?
    Will it affect my FHD mod?
    Is there a good guide out there to walk through it (ive flashed libreboot before - same thing?)
    Should I update my current bios and ECfirmware before flashing?
    will I be able to switch to the x220 keyboard after doing this? Or should I do this and flash ECfirmware before flashing coreboot?
    Do I have to do anything else to get rid of whitelist? Or does it just happen with coreboot?
3. ME cleaner
  • Do I do this while flashing coreboot? Or can I do it before/after
    Is there a guide out there to walk me through
    Will this have any noticeable effects (will anything be affected/broken)

What order should I do all 3 (or 4 counting the keyboard upgrade)? After doing this, this will pretty much be my optimal thinkpad. I think the only thing else Id want is maybe a brand new OEM battery? Got one off ebay thats decent, but not sure if a new one would be better.