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X230 Type-C Power Delivery charging Mod Succesful

X230 through X280, plus X390 series specific matters only
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X230 Type-C Power Delivery charging Mod Succesful

#1 Post by misujr » Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:55 am

Dear Gents,
This is my first post here :-).

As many of you here I love my Thinkpads, particularly to me being the X series. As times progress, I wanted to get rid of the need to carry a specific charger for my X230 and that led me down a trip to find a suitable way to add Power Delivery charging to it.
I have managed to do this and I will link you to a Youtube video I made about this subject where I walk thru the details.

What you need - parts and tools :
- soldering iron
- solder
- some resistors ( you need to measure your ID pin value on the charger between ID and GND, more info about standard values here : http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Power_Con ... Signal_Pin )
- Multimeter ( digital or analog)
- Heatshrink tube
- Screwdrivers to open the laptop
- Tweezer (Optional but helpful)
- 1x ZYPDS module ( with 20V output) link to and ebay listing that sells it (but I am not affiliated to it) : https://www.ebay.com/itm/100W-3-20V-USB ... I-beFMp16w
- hot glue gun and hot glue / 3D printer to print a part shared by a user on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3732642 I did not test this part but he said it is made for this adapter.

Process :
1.Remove the battery and power cord
2. Take the laptop apart to get to the charging port
3. Take the Display off the base
4. Remove the bracket that holds the charging port down with 1 screw
5. Remove the main PCB and pay attention to the charging port to come out also as it is connected below the PCB
6. Check the wire colours that come from the yellow charging port to map them in 3 categories : 1 VCC (Positive) , 2 GND(Negative) , 3 ID PIN.
7. Disconnect the white 5pin connector of the chargin connector from the PCB.
8. Unsolder the wires from the original connector . !Remeber step 6 !
9. Solder the VCC wires to the + pad of the ZYPDS board
10. Solder the GND wires to the - pad of the ZYPDS board
11. Solder the resistor you require between GND and the ID pin wire (eg: 65w x230 needs 10KOhm)
12. Here you can put the ZYPDS board in the 3D printed enclosure mentioned earlier or in heatshrink tube
12.a. Connect the white 5P connector to the PCB
12.b. Fit the PCB back to the case.
13. Only if you did not 3D print the case. Use hot glue to fill bout 40% of the space where the connector used to be adn then place the ZYPDS board on the hot glue making sure it has the type-c connector pointing out to the back of the case and stays allgined with the case.
14. Wait for the hot glue to cool down.
15. Add more hot glue on top/ or some foam to get a height that allows you to lock the ZYPDS board in with the bracket.
16. Assemble the laptop and if you did all the steps properly, now you should have PD charging over usb type-C.

The link to the video of me doing this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDAcAvCY7bo&t=11s

Best Regards,

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