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Screen replacement for X240

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2020 2:45 am
by simpfally
EDIT: see end of post

I'm looking for the IPS FHD (1920x1080) no touch. Or the HD if it's much cheaper than FHD (I've found HD at $40 and FHD at $80, I think it's worth the upgrade at that point)

It seems that this is the compatible part list for IPS FHD no touch :

LG LP125WF4-SPB1 (since rev.6) : matte, IPS, beveled PCB corners - best option
LG LP125WF2-SPB3 : matte, IPS
LG LP125WF2-SPB4 : matte, IPS
Samsung LTN125HL02-301 (since rev.6) : matte, IPS

but it's missing the SPB2 that is for sale in a lot of places. The SPB1 has some metal extending out : ... Sw2g9fC4GI ; will it even fit?

What's the probability a FHD will not even work because I have the wrong cable also?

Currently I'm thinking of buying this one ... merReviews (because I'm in France and I really need a screen quickly since my current one's broken!

And here's another shop for the FHD : ... 169468.asp it's the touch IPS FHD but without anything to make the touch works. It's the same price but their site has much more information and seems more reliable than random amazon sellers. I don't know.

EDIT: I spent too much time on this, it seems that it's likely my cable will work with FHD, however it seems that everything on amazon or ebay is basically a [censored] import shop so I ordered from china directly and hopefully, I won't have the seemingly [censored] IPS that has ghosting issues. But maybe I'll get it in a month, at least I don't need to think about compatible parts for a month.

Re: Screen replacement for X240

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:51 pm
by lindberg87
Hey :)

Can you please share the directly link to the Chinese seller of the FHD screen for x240 ?

Best Regards Lindberg87