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x230 FHD Mod - Linux status and other questions

X230-X280, X390 Series
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Joined: Thu Jun 15, 2023 9:36 am
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x230 FHD Mod - Linux status and other questions

#1 Post by felixduhaut » Thu Jun 15, 2023 9:44 am

Please forgive this most unassuming post - however as they say, read EVERYTHING before you solder! So in that spirit, I'd like to really cover all my bases before I proceed.

I just got a new 13 inch mod kit from aliexpress (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3256804 ... 1802DpTRaz) along with a 13 inch screen and screen cover from KK store via superbuy. I *think* I have everything I need, and I *think* I've read every single thread my google-fu allowed me to find on the subject, however many threads are older from 2019, so I wanted to post to see if anyone had any RECENT feedback on the process.

1. I have a standard 80watt solder, is that sufficient for the board soldering process? I will ensure to watch as many videos as I can on soldering before proceeding (I have done some in the past). Im concerned here since i'm not just soldering two wires together, I need to ensure the solder flows into the holes to connect to the board underneath. Anyone have any tips on how to do this?

2. Linux: I see there are many persons who have issues with the linux "second screen" being the default screen - at least in 2019 distros. If i were to put in the mod above would I still have this issue with stock debian 11/12? My x230 is corebooted already. I see there is a kernel patch floating around but it appears to be for older linux distros - does that need to be applied, and if so, does it need to be modified for more recent distros?

3. Anyone have feedback on the keyboard brightness keys with an FHD mod, using linux? do they work?

4. Anything else I should know before proceeding?

Many many thanks!!

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Re: x230 FHD Mod - Linux status and other questions

#2 Post by pepo » Sat Oct 21, 2023 1:00 am

I've got de same mod as yours and already soldered.
Patched bios with 1vryan option 1: Flash Modified Lenovo BIOS
Connected both screens (original and fhd) and on arch linux I get both screens recognized but only original can be activated.
FHD one is recognized as BOE 13" and it also shows its resolution and frequency rate.
Also tried to flash 1vryan option 0: Flash LVDS Modified Lenovo BIOS for X330 (X230 FHD/QHD) but then none of the screens turned on and had to use VGA to get back.
I'm really lost and don't know what I'm missing so any help would be much appreciated.

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