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W530 / Nvidia K2000M external display blanking

W530/W540/W541/W550 Series
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W530 / Nvidia K2000M external display blanking

#1 Post by simes » Thu Jan 13, 2022 1:00 pm

Hi everyone, I use a W530 as my daily driver, usually in a dock with an external display (1920x1200) connected via DisplayPort/HDMI adapter cable. The laptop lid is closed. Graphics is set to discrete in BIOS and it runs Linux Mint 20.2, sometimes also with Windows 10 in VirtualBox. This setup has worked well for several months. Recently I've started to have issues with the external display blanking, usually when the PC is being driven hard such as doing videoconferencing. The display is a fairly new AOC, unlikely to be the problem I'd say. When the display blanks I lose the whole picture and the sound (I'm using the display's built-in speakers) for about 15 seconds, then it returns and I'm presented with the Mint login screen. I don't do anything to get the picture back, and trying the mouse or keyboard whilst it is blank has no effect. My first thought was overheating protection kicking in, but temperature monitoring is showing the CPU at about 75C and the Nvidia card at 55C, which both seem quite reasonable when the W530 is working hard. I'm starting to suspect a hardware failure, perhaps a failing capacitor given the age of the W530, but Googling hasn't revealed any pattern or problems. Any ideas please? Thank you.
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