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Yoga 260 - Ghost touch and other problems when moving it around

Discuss the ThinkPad-branded Yoga
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Yoga 260 - Ghost touch and other problems when moving it around

#1 Post by kingLJN » Wed Dec 22, 2021 1:51 am

This is only asking in hindsight since I have broken the screen cable and I am now scheduling for repair service but...

I purchased a used ThinkPad Yoga 260. The two hinges seem to work fine but the cylindrical shells around them seem crooked. It functions well and both finger touches and pen touches work fine. However I found two major problems that impacted daily use until I screwed up a disassembly (with a cracked, super dim, display).

1. If I move the top part, or if there's any force on the hinge, the screen ghost touches. I enabled visualization in the settings and the touches always point at the right 1/3 column of the display.
2. Putting the laptop on its side disables the keyboard, even though the trackpoint and the trackpad work fine. I locked the screen orientation in the settings and never turned on tablet mode. If that's how it's designed, I won't ask further about this.

These problems occured no matter how the power was configured (With/without plugging in)
All Windows 10 Drivers are installed properly.

Tried researching this problem but answers range from reinstalling software/firmware/drivers to cleaning it up. I tried. They didn't work.

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