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disk read error

Posted: Sun May 12, 2019 12:04 pm
by syrahnose
My old faithful Yoga S1 is giving me a disk read error, but inconsistently so. I also know the SSD is working as I can plug it into an external and see all the files, system and my user files.

thought the system on that disk might be corrupted somehow, so bought a new ssd and installed and it seemed to work. I was able to do a clean install windows 10 on the new drive via dvd disk while new ssd was installed on the S1. First time I restarted laptop, it gave me a disk error like the old ssd. Continued to repeat failures thereafter on restarts.

I took out ssd and then unscrewed hard drive plug in unit and undid both ribbons and then reattached it all, thinking maybe the ribbons were not contacting properly. Put ssd back in and windows fired up and I went through a complete set up. Downloaded Thinkvantage app to update drivers and in midst of Thinkvantage scanning, it said there was a problem and it needed to shut down.

Afterwards, same issue as before. Error saying there is a disk read error.

I tested the new ssd and it is all files are there and it is working.

So my question. Could the power hard drive plugin unit between mother board and the ssd be failing or is this likely to be a motherboard problem?

My guts tell me the ssd is not getting electicity to do a read so its is the plug socket part that may be failing.

BTW, is this the best category to post this inquiry. I assume any laptop could have the same general issues.