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yoga 3-11 & Yoga 700 11isk keyboard/touchpad erratic

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 5:23 pm
by friedrich-eugen

Systems: Yoga 3-11 and Yoga700-11isk M5-Y71- 8GB 500GB/1TB ssd m.2 Windows 10 (latest)

I happen to see ever again keyboard and touchpad stopping service, without previous notice ( :( ). Systems might need updated Video, but Lenovo does not offer Updates to this systempart (graphics Intel 515), Intel Update stops as it notices proprietary "mods" by Lenovo...

Any hints? (Keyboards and Touchpads are functional and as"new" (I did the change from Qwerty to Qwertz)...

Thanks in advance

Re: yoga 3-11 & Yoga 700 11isk keyboard/touchpad erratic

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 2:58 am
by Screamer
Have you tried reinstalling the touchpad driver (Yoga 700-11ISK, Yoga 3-11)? Did you also try to re-activate the touchpad via the Fn+F6 key combination, if that is even possible?

Are you able to navigate the BIOS menu with the 'non-functional' keyboard? If you can, it might mean that Windows 10 has an issue with the keyboard. Try disabling Windows 10's 'fast boot' feature, if this is the case.

I would not trust Intel Update/Driver & Support on that, try updating the graphics driver manually instead.

Re: yoga 3-11 & Yoga 700 11isk keyboard/touchpad erratic

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 4:38 pm
by friedrich-eugen
Thanks for Your advice ...
Starting I did consider having mechanically made something wrong...
... later I felt that it may be a sign for Windows 10 consuming more cpu-capacy /Systemcapacity/ memory than the system may be prepared to offer...
  • I have tried Intels graphic driver update - Intel does stop, as it finds its chips modified by lenovo.
  • Lenovo does not seem to care much, drivers have not been updated for quite a long time.
  • Keyboard and Touchpad drivers from Lenovo had been installed & updated.
I had this experience, as I upgrade our family-travel-notebook and at the same time prepared the "older" and a third one, made of spares, for sale.
The older one had been installed via Windows 8.1, to Windows Pro and been in use for over a year, traveling to southeast-asia and New Zealand,
the spare one was immediately installed Windows 10 Pro, The newer one (different systemboard) the same way.

So, I do think, it has to do with Windows 10,
  • maybe the update-process,
  • may be capacity comsumption on Update and later restart, possilbly for more than one start...
It happend - once - that starting into the systems boot-menu, the keyboard even on system-level did not work.

As for now: They are on their way to Win 10, V. 1903, Classic shell seems on the verge of being tossed out by MS ... That woudl be sad and it could become a problem as I totally dislike the Windows10-Boot-scene..

Happy trails, no more trade-wars, no hot military conflicts... we (Europe) had enough of that stuff the last 150 years!

Re: yoga 3-11 & Yoga 700 11isk keyboard/touchpad erratic -update

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:11 am
by friedrich-eugen
July 2019 :
I have got the machine to work properly, running Windows 10 Pro, V. 1903 (07)... ... in general...

    I still happen to have the NB starting without beeing able to access keyboard or/and touchpad. (as with the Yoga 3-1170)
      I still happen to see no reason and I to have to restart the machine and wait a bit... (as with the Yoga 3-1170)
        Intel's graphics chip HD graphics 515 still claims to be modified by Lenovo and therefore
          Intel does not allow to update it,
            neither does Lenovo

              I had to reinstall Intel Wireless-Drivers (from Lenovo)following the latest Update of Windows & Intels systemsoftware in order to have WIFI active...

              Lenovo obviously does not care much to update system elements & system bios of these Yoga-machines any more (?), allthough these small and light
              machines are an attractive company while travelling


              Re: yoga 3-11 & Yoga 700 11isk keyboard/touchpad erratic

              Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:14 am
              by friedrich-eugen

              From time to time I still find the NB irresponsive on Boot, trackpoint andor keyboard disabled.
              Lenovo has still not bothered th assist in updating the systemboardsoftware by asssting in updating the video-driver it tweaked.

              Sad... disappointing...