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Yoga 260 - 2242 sdd not being recognized by disk manager

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 11:47 am
by raftguide
Hi everyone,

I've got a Yoga 260 that I've put a Transcend 2242 ssd into the open m.2 slot next to the wireless card. The installation went fine, and the card seated properly with no problem. But the computer doesn't seem interested in finding the drive. I put the same 2242 drive into the open m.2 slot on my main workhorse, a W541, and the it was recognized without an issue.

At this point, we're beyond my knowledge base. Searching for information on this doesn't provide much specific help. I see talk about modding other, more modern, Yoga models for similar drives to be accepted. If anyone could explain to me what's up I'd be very grateful. Is the machine not equipped to recognize drives placed there? Is there something I need to adjust in the BIOS? Is there a resource on compatibility I need to check out? I'm lost.

EDIT: Here's a photo of the PCIe slot I'm talking about. From what I've gathered, every Yoga 260 ships with an empty one. There's not any cords leading to it for a wireless card that I can tell. If my SATA 2242 isn't going to work in there, I can't understand what it's for.