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yoga x1 2nd gen, replaced screen, touch not working

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paulo bianci
Posts: 2
Joined: Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:59 am
Location: Cabariot, France

yoga x1 2nd gen, replaced screen, touch not working

#1 Post by paulo bianci » Fri Jul 10, 2020 7:24 am

I've just replaced my touchscreen on 2nd gen JD20/SN R90NME71 Bios N1NET49W 1.36. It was a relatively fast, easy replacement.
Previous broken screen had a crack and half the screen worked with touch as well. New sealed unit should have worked without a hitch, 01AX897).

The new screen worked on startup, but does not work as a touch screen either in laptop or tablet mode. I tried doing a reset and it hasn't fixed the problem. I thought to do a system rebuild or return to defaults but wonder if that will make any difference or is worth the hassle. I don't see any trouble shooting options. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem is appreciated.

The replacement number I got from Lenovo was for screen 01AX897 After replacing I found these numbers on old screen the FRU numbers are 00NY445 and a second fru st140SM015AKF.

I hoping not to take the new screen out to check if numbers are same with the old one, but will do if needed. Hoping there's a software work around first.

thanks in advance for any help.

Senior Member
Senior Member
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Re: yoga x1 2nd gen, replaced screen, touch not working

#2 Post by Screamer » Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:09 am

Could you check the device manager (if you are using Windows 10) for any yellow exclamation marks? The replacement touchscreen may require a different software driver to be used. At least that is what I presume, but I could be wrong.

paulo bianci
Posts: 2
Joined: Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:59 am
Location: Cabariot, France

Re: yoga x1 2nd gen, replaced screen, touch not working

#3 Post by paulo bianci » Mon Aug 17, 2020 8:10 am

Hello Screamer, so sorry I missed your kind reply. I checked Device Manager and no flags. Display adaptor says drivers are working. I didn't see anything else about display. The replacement was so simple and easy it is frustrating nothing has worked.
Eventually I bought a screen from Hong Kong and it hasn't worked for touch, but LCD was ok. That cracked when removing to send back for a refund and it all went bad from there. I did get a partial refund. I suspect they sold me an LCD screen under pretense it was touch or just the wrong touch screen all together. As indicated below there were 3 FRUs on old screen only one one new replacement, but it was 01AX984.

Serial : R90NME71
Product number: 20JD0022US
Bios version : N1NET49W 1.36

Screen type from 2017 invoice:
my yoga x1's configuration IPS 10 point multi-touch screen with 1920x1080 resolution
Lenovo says my SN needs FRU 01AX893/ SM10M69739 indicated that 3 other alternative FRU’s could also work: 01AX894, 01LV997 and 01YT278

My old, original screen had two FRUs,plus 3rd on bezel: Largest label with FRU 00NY445 and sd10k93515A1sz71m00LP and pn sd10k93515 on same label, plus a second smaller label with FRU 8ssr50g5678553ck739012 and ST140SM015akf and also there is a small label FRU on plastic bezel s830k66577. Then 3 other labels on main unit show: 4ZB0A901 0032 AND a bar code 15914b770571g000n1821248400

The new Laptek screen had only one FRU 00NY445 (same as above), but was sold as 01AX984.

Does this indicate different screen types or connection types?. Both screens seem similar and appear to have the same 2 connections for LCD and Touch screen input.

When I plugged in the new HK touch screen replacement the touch screen did not work but image was ok. I replugged in my old touch screen and the touch screen worked ok plus (partial) image was ok.

I then replugged in the new HK touch screen replacement and the touch screen did not work, as before, but image was ok.

Now I'm totally paranoid about buying any screen 01AX984 or Lenovo's 3 other suggested alternatives.

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