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Good Windows alternative

Windows 1x on Thinkpads
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Good Windows alternative

#1 Post by olddog » Fri Jan 13, 2023 11:56 am

People may remember me promoting the Haiku OS.

Well, Haiku has just released Beta 4, and it's really good. I have now installed it permanently on my most used laptop (X230), and the speed and simplicity are just breathtaking.

It's been pretty good for some time, but it now has a good browser at last - Gnome/Web/Infinity - and there is a load of other stuff including the GIMP and Libre-Office. The learning curve is very short, and basically everything just works. The software depository makes it incredibly easy to install new apps. Unlike Linux, there is only one distribution of Haiku, which is a huge advantage.

Drivers are always an issue with small OSes, but there have been big strides here too. I don't know of any Thinkpad going back as far as the T42 which won't run Haiku, though no doubt somebody here will find one.

But don't take my word for it:

https://lunduke.substack.com/p/haiku-be ... ive-review

To give it a try, burn the ISO to a USB stick, and boot up. You have the option of running it from the stick to experiment, and if you like it you need to set up a partition.

Download here:


There is already a WINE port, though I think it would benefit from more work. But for most people, who don't have some very specific requirement, Haiku should serve you well. And not spy on you, or waste your time (Windows and Linux, respectively, are guilty of these sins).

Give it a go, and good luck.

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