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Windows 10 on X201 - Successful install

Windows 10 on Lenovo hardware
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Windows 10 on X201 - Successful install

#1 Post by larango » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:59 pm

I am writing this post for those of you owning a ThinkPad x201 since I couldn't find a similar post anywhere, confirming a successful installation of Windows 10 on a X201.

X201 is not in the windows 10 Lenovo supported system list as per the day of this post. The list is here

Lenovo supported systems list for Windows 10 Upgrade

Most of the posts I read are from a few months ago and some of them said that they reverse the installation back to Windows 7 after experimenting problems.

I upgraded a X201 (64bits version with fingerprint reader) that was running Windows 7 Professional.

I first installed it using a testing hard drive and windows 10 worked fine. Last night I installed it in my production hard drive and so far I haven't had any problems. It was an upgrade and not a clean installation.

Here are the steps I followed:

1.Uninstall some Lenovo Sofware in your Windows 7 installation

First, I uninstalled the following software according to a Lenovo suggestion that can be read here
Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 on Lenovo Desktops

In case you use Window 8, the main Windows 10 Upgrade Guide from Lenovo is here for your convenience.

So I not only uninstalled, before the upgrade to Windows 10, all Lenovo related software suggested by Lenovo and a few more, but I also uninstalled third-party software that I thought or check online that would give me problems after upgrading to Windows 10. All the third party software I removed, I was able to reinstall it after the upgrade.

this is a non-exhaustive list of what I removed:

-VPN Software
-Scanner Software
-Pc Doctor
-Lenovo warranty information
-Lenovo Welcome
-Message Center Plus
-Rescue and Recovery
-ThinkPad Power Manager
-Access Help
-ThinkPad Fingerprint Software and its patches (begin by removing the patches first. It takes a while to remove it, then the main sofware).
-Client Security - Password Manager
-Mobile Broadband (from Lenovo)
-ThinkPad Bluetooth with enchanced data rate software (By Broadcom).
-All related driver packages for the bluetooth driver (mostly by Bradcom).
-Create and Recovery Media (from Lenovo)
-Lenovo Power Management Driver
-Lenovo Battery Program
-Lenovo System Interface Driver
-Lenovo Patch utility (several of this patches)
-ThinkVantage Access Connections (when removing this you are obligated to restart in order to have it removed).
-ThinkVantage Communications utility

in addition I uninstalled some old software that I am not using any more.

removing all the above took me about 1.5 hours.

I didn't uninstall or remove the following.
-ThinkAdvantage Active Protection system (I still have to see if it works or not or if windows 10 has a similar feature or else)
-Lenovo System Update (this will be upgraded later after windows 10 starts running)
-Ultranav Lenovo software

2. Run the upgrade to Windows 10.

Before I upgraded I installed the latest bios. You can find it in the x201 Levono download software page. At the date of this post, the latest version was 1.40-1.15, that added an enchancement to embedded controller (and update) to modify battery charge algorithms to balance battery charging and lifespan.

The initial phase of the upgrade was downloading and automatically preparing the settings for the upgrade. I did it overnight and I woke up in the middle of the night to confirm that everything was running fine or making sure to press OK to confirm the upgrade after the downloading and preparing setting phase finished and the system was ready to perform the actual upgrade. The process in my case took about 3 to 4 hours.

3. First start after the upgrade to windows 10

The first start after upgrading in both the test and the production hard drive ended up in a freeze of the machine. In the test drive it showed a bluetooth driver error. In the production drive it showed a problem with the Wi-Fi settings. But I am not sure wifi was the real reason. I just hard rebooted the machine and after that the device has operated without issues. E.g:
I am writing this post using Edge Browser running Windows 10 in my X201 :D

4. Installing Lenovo Software for Windows 10.

Although Lenovo doesn't support x201 to run Windows 10, it has released a lot of software for Windows 10 that supports all the thinkpad line, so you can install it.

But let's state before going any forward, that the most useful Fn keys worked like charm after the upgrade without installing any new Lenovo Software.

That is:
Fn2 for Locking the Device
F5 for wirelss, bluetooth and airplane mode;
F7 for Monitor Switch (same as Windows-P)
F8 for Ultranav Settings
Brightness controls (Fn Home and Fn End)
Screen light (Fn PgUp)

I haven't tested yet F9 and F12

Also volume keys and mute work fine.

and the best of all :idea: is that fingerprint login works perfectly. Wakes up and unlocks on fingerprint login option

5. The Windows 10 Lenovo Installation sofware after the upgrade.

I went to
http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/product ... beta=false

and downloaded and installed the windows 10 Lenovo available software starting by the most recent one. I didn't install the bios update of the list, since I had already upgraded to the latest version before running the upgrade.

here the available list at the time of this post:
-Lenovo Quick Optimizer for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkCentre, ThinkPad
-Lenovo Battery Gauge for Windows 10 (64-bit) - Notebooks (a must if you want to see the level of your battery and to control other settings when clicking the battery icon)
-ThinkPad Settings Dependency for Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit) - Laptop
-Lenovo Solution Center
-ThinkVantage System Update for Windows 10
-Lenovo System Interface Foundation for Windows 10
-Lenovo Hide Recovery Drive for Windows 10
-Lenovo Enhanced Performance USB Keyboard and Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (I don´t need it but I installed anyway)
-ThinkPad Monitor INF File for Windows 10

There was also a Wake on LAN software, but I didn´t install it in my case.

Some of the installations require a restart. It takes about an hour or so to complete this step.

6. Some other upgrades.

Some new installed Lenovo Software ask you to upgrade to new versions or download new components. For example, the running Lenovo Quick Optimazer makes you download a new piece of sofware from Lenovo or an upgrade. I don't recall if it was the Lenovo System Interface Foundation or else.

I also used the Windows Update Option to make sure everything was updated.

Windows 10 then automatically updated other pieces of installed software automatically after you login in the windows store with an account.

Then I installed my scanner and VPN again and now I am reviewing if all my software works fine (if not I will reinstall it) or if there is new Lenovo Software designated for the thinkpad line (Windows 10).

Don't forget to make sure that the antivirus runs the windows 10 version.

This is about all. I am know learning about windows 10 and all its settings.

Happy upgrade!
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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Succesful install

#2 Post by brchan » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:42 pm

Glad pretty much everything works well! Models from the core-i generation tend to have fewer issues with W10 and W8 it seems.
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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Succesful install

#3 Post by larango » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:00 pm

I am glad it works fine. I am liking Windows 10 a lot.

My x201 processor is Intel Core i7 (M620) @ 2.67 Ghz with 8 GB in RAM. System Type: (64 bits)

and the installed Windows 10 version is Windows 10 Pro version 1511.

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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Succesful install

#4 Post by WVZR1 » Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:40 pm

larango wrote:I am glad it works fine. I am liking Windows 10 a lot.

My x201 processor is Intel Core i7 (M620) @ 2.67 Ghz with 8 GB in RAM. System Type: (64 bits)

and the installed Windows 10 version is Windows 10 Pro version 1511.
That's an "outstanding" summary of what's going on with and "how to/what to do". I've an X201 that I'm wanting to sell likely after buying an X230 - I may give your procedure a go before selling.

I may study the "how to" and maybe apply it to the X230 that I've got also.

I have 1511 on a T440 that I'm becoming more familiar with and liking it way more than the first go. The 1511 seems to have remedied nearly every issue I was having.

Again - thanks for posting.
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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Successful install

#5 Post by luckyluc » Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:48 pm

Well I can't agree with your post.
Recently I bought X201 with windows 10 installed (upgraded from windows7). From the beginning there was something bothering me - spinning cursor once per while when machine was doing nothing or just after I wanted to start app. No response at all (the cursor was moving but was no response for click) except spinning round cursor icon (the one when computer is busy)but then (after 0.5-1.5min later) everything what I did during this time , just showed up at once.
I thought it's because HDD so I bought SSD but no change and then installed windows 10 from the scratch (without upgrading from windows 7) but unfortunately there was the same scenario. Two days ago I came back to windows 7 and everything works properly, no hangouts, no "freezes" , works like a charm.
I have no idea what was the problem but I would like to know if anybody experienced the same?

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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Successful install

#6 Post by shawross » Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:02 am

Welcome to the Forum.

You must be unLucky because my clean install of Windows 10 went very smoothly on my X201. I only installed the minimum Lenovo Software on to a spinning drive.

Actually most of my other laptops and desktops I have moved back to Windows 7 because I think it is a better OS. I would be happy with Windows 7 on the X201 but that is your call.
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Re: Windows 10 on X201 - Successful install

#7 Post by alex.orlando » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:52 pm

To OP, interested to know if you have faced any blue screen errors after all of your updates? thanks

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