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Thinkpad Tablet 2 working properly with Windows 10

Windows 10 on Lenovo hardware
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Thinkpad Tablet 2 working properly with Windows 10

#1 Post by Terrahawk » Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:32 am

This is just a note to say that I've just installed Windows 10 on one of my Thinkpad Tablet 2 units and despite the (because of the?) large number of posts on Lenovo and Intel forums complaining about the lack of a graphics driver for the Z2760 Atom in 2015, it's all working fine a year later. I did have to manually update the graphics driver via Windows Update, as the "basic display adapter" is installed by default. The biggest surprise I got was the fact that Windows 10 takes almost half the space that Windows 8 did after a fresh recovery.

I'd read somewhere that despite Intel's web site indicating that the Cloverview platform would not support Windows 10, rumour (and some forum posts) had it that they had actually completed a suitable, working driver. 3D performance is as bad as it was in Windows 8.1 - I tried playing some of the old Microsoft Store games I acquired from the early days of Windows 8. They went, but were only somewhat playable. A notable thing is that in Windows 8, they ran full screen but in Windows 10, you can run it in a window, shrink the window down a bit and suddenly the game becomes a whole lot more playable. I had the task manager open at the time too, and it's the graphics hardware that is the nottleneck - CPU was sitting around 50%. It does play video just fine though.

The Lenovo Windows Store apps "Companion" and "Settings" require the installation of a couple of packages that have to be downloaded from Lenovo's web site from but apart from that, they work well and function as a sort of combination of all the previous Thinkvantage tools. All together, they do increase the bloat factor disproportionately though.

Battery life is excellent, and the handwriting recognition is still working well too. The WriteIt app by Lenovo works on it, but it's quite laggy compared to the Miix 700. You get that though, after all it is a Core M vs an old Atom from 2012. Still, it's a very competent note taking machine and great for checking email while out and about.
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