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Micro$haft is readying to $haft W10 users even more!

Windows 10 on Lenovo hardware
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Re: Micro$haft is readying to $haft W10 users even more!

#31 Post by Tõnis » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:37 pm

Well, my faithful R61 running unsupported XP Pro finally died a couple of months ago. I hadn't really been keeping up with computers re what to get next etc and needed something in a hurry, so now I have a Lenovo Ideapad and a really cheap Dell which I picked up to get me through. Both are running Windows 10 Home edition.

I've always considered myself somewhat of a power user with my ThinkPad R61, but lately I've been leaning toward set it and forget it mode. I'm extremely security/privacy conscious as a BlackBerry 10 diehard, so there's lots of amusing irony in that I've embraced Windows 10. :roll: :lol: But okay, there's plenty of food for thought and maybe some FUD out there, too, when it comes to Windows 10 privacy. Besides Microsoft can be trusted. :D

What I love is that my BlackBerry 10 device integrates perfectly with Windows 10; BlackBerry Link allows me to access my pc's remotely from my handset, and BlackBerry Blend allows me to access my handset from my pc's. What I miss most, even more than the trackpoint: the ThinkLight.

As far as Windows updates go, I haven't experienced any touble. I have my waking hours set from 6am to midnight, so if I want them to update automatically the pc's can restart between midnight and 6am, but thus far I have been impatient to get any updates I can so I click "restart now" after manually checking for updates. I just want these systems to be patched, update-"secure." So far, so good. Goal: set it and forget it!
R61, Core 2 Duo T8300 at 2.40GHz, 15.4" WXGA, XP Pro

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Re: Micro$haft is readying to $haft W10 users even more!

#32 Post by TonyJZX » Tue Aug 14, 2018 10:14 pm

My read of this is that its more a DaaS for corporates (desktops as a service).

ie. just say I'm a 75 seat SME.

Traditionally I can use Windows Server and 75 copies of Win10 Pro in a domain.

If I want to streamline I can go Terminal Server and 75 thin clients.

Microsoft wants to manage your terminal server for you so you have a good fibre link out and the terminal servers are in the Azure cloud.

You pay $25 a month for example per client for a remote desktop that includes your Office 365 and whatever hosted apps you need.

You have no server on your premises, just 75 thin clients.

You dont need to know about capacity planning or service updates whatever is usual in a client server domain.

You can in theory expect them to offer DaaS 365 for home users where you buy a $200 thin client and your desktop is in the cloud.

Hell I could think this has synergies with the Xbox... stick a monitor and kbd mouse on their console and you can bang out Office Exchange and such on a $199 console.

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